Attilio Carmagnani "AC" Spa


Your chemical products delivered safely from the heart of Europe


Tax and customs warehousing

Our work consists in receiving, storing, and delivering chemical products by road, rail, and sea. Our storage facility is in Genoa, Italy’s most important port, and includes a series of different sized tanks ranging from 130 to 3,000 cubic metres, 4 of which are stainless steel. Intelligent devices, instrumentation and components for integration, sensorisation/interconnection and automatic process control are behind the handling of the products.

By sea

Products are mainly received by sea, on the western dock of Porto Petroli di Genova S.p.A., connected to the terminal via three stainless steel pipelines.

Technical details of the dock

  • Berth: West3
  • Type of docking: alongside, starboard
  • Max Depth: 10.80 m
  • Max Length: 280 m
  • Max Width: no restrictions
  • Lines: 1 x 6‘’ – 2 x 8’’
  • Loading hoses: 6’’
  • Max loading rate: 100-250 m3/h
  • Unloading rate: 250-450 m3/h
  • Manifold pressure to be maintained at: 6.5-7 bars

By railway

The terminal is connected to the railway network by an internal junction with three tracks and two loading stations.

Transport by rail is the most efficient to cover long distances and the most environmentally sustainable.

By road

The proximity to the Genova Pegli Tollgate on the A10 motorway makes our terminal particularly suitable for delivering products by road.

Inside, the terminal is equipped with four bays for a total of 22 loading/unloading stations, with dedicated lines per tank.

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