Attilio Carmagnani "AC" Spa

Integrated Trading and
Chemical Storage

A key link of the Italian and European industry supply chain

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What we do

Integrated Trading

We import liquid products by sea from around the world and deliver them to our customers by road.

Having our own coastal terminal and chemical laboratory allows us to supply products quickly and effectively and to provide ongoing, customised quality control.


Coastal Terminal

Our coastal terminal is a tax and customs warehouse where we receive, store, and reship chemical products by sea, rail, and road. Product handling takes place in a carefully supervised and monitored closed circuit.

Our terminal is directly connected to the docks that berth the ships (Porto Petroli of Genoa), to our internal railway junction connected to the Genoa-Ventimiglia railway line and in proximity of the A10 Motorway Toll Gate in Genova Pegli.


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Video gallery

Our business in a nutshell

We receive chemicals by sea from all over the world on behalf of our customers. Watch this short video to discover what Attilio Carmagnani ‘AC’ Spa is all about.

Corporate presentation

Find out more about our company in this brief infographic created on occasion of our 115th anniversary.

A bird’s eye view of our facilities

Enjoy a sunset flight over our facilities in Genova Multedo.

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